Sample first email on a dating site

In order for me to complete the report, I need the actual expense spent in your monthly financial report to compare our budgeted expenses versus the actual.You have indicated that the monthly financial report cannot be completed before (state the date), which is after our meeting with the client.

The first thing you should know about introductions in dating websites is that its a good idea to take a little time to respond to an interested person.

Just like flirting in person, you don’t want to go overboard and “attack” a total stranger with your bone crushingly perfect email introduction.

You need to understand this and work around the problem.

Also, I assume this letter of reminder would be in a email rather that an actual physical letter.

Most dating website recommend a first step in communication — the introductory e-mail.

Whether you’re responding to someone else’s email or initiating one yourself, you have a chance to hit the ball out of the park and make a perfect first impression, or totally kill any interest in you this person may have had.So you’ve decided to spend some time (and maybe a tiny bit of money) on an online dating website.You took the time to write a great online dating profile of yourself, including your interests, what kind of person you’re looking for, a nice photo of you, etc.Responding within a couple of hours of their interest will make you look desperate, even a bit creepy.If you’re responding to another person’s interest, you have a couple of days to think about what you want to say and how to say it.I’m an entrepreneur, mentor, consultant and I was a global IT service manager for one of the largest multinational in the world.