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Paul is introduced as part of the already established Trueman family.

Beadle left the role in 2004, following a suspension, reportedly for failing to learn his lines.

Miranda Kerr is opening up about what goes on behind the scenes concerning her and Orlando Bloom‘s six-year-old son Flynn.The 33-year-old model says Flynn has a “great” relationship with Orlando‘s current girlfriend, Katy Perry. “They get along really well.” “We’re a modern family,” she went on.She makes her first appearance on 5 March 2001, when she investigates who shot Phil Mitchell (Steve Mc Fadden) which is part of the whodunit storyline, Who Shot Phil?When brought back in 2009, Marsden feelings are further explored in a segment of the BBC East Enders homepage entitled 'Marsden's Video Diaries', documenting the character's thoughts on the storyline she is involved in.behind bars." Ritchie Stringer, played by Gareth Hunt, is a gang boss who knows Phil Mitchell (Steve Mc Fadden).Barbara's sisters, Louise and Irlene, her mother, Mary, and her three children, Matthew, Jaime and Nathan all live within 30 minutes of one another.

While I would love to indulge in Oscar Udeshi's bespoke service, 200 a shirt with a minimum order of 8 is a little out of my price range (incidentally, I have one of his rtw shirts, and I love it).ty as a philanthropist, especially as an advocate for pet adoption and youth hockey.She serves on the board of directors of the Nashville Predators hockey team.It transpires that the gun Ritchie had given Dan is the same gun that Lisa Shaw (Lucy Benjamin) had used to shoot Phil earlier that year.Ritchie Stringer was 10/3 at Ladbrokes bookmakers as the culprit in the "Who Shot Phil?Dan had worked for Ritchie in the past, and so he does not suspect anything untoward when Ritchie provides him with a gun to do a raid on Phil.