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MAREC - MAREC is a subset of the Alexandria repository, a global storage facility for high quality scientific, technical and business information (Fairview Research).

MAREC consists of 19 million patent documents in different languages, normalized to a highly specific XML format (IRF) MARPAT on STN - Complex, but robust, database of chemical Markush structures from patents; used for comprehensive patent retrieval through structure searching (CAS) Intellogist Report Micro Patent - Patent WEB and Trademark WEB (Thomson Reuters) Intellogist Report on Patent Web Nordiskapatent - free database allowing searching of patents from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Intellogist wiki page - This advanced version of QPAT is the new IP platform for any specialist looking for immediate answers and best practices.

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Intellogist Report - A comprehensive free patent search site PATENTSCOPE® Search Service - Free full-text search and first publication worldwide of PCT international applications from 1978 to present as well as access to PCT file contents and national phase entry data for 40 offices.

National patent collections available for ARIPO, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and Vietnam including full-text search and document images for many collections.

Intellogist wiki page INPADOC - Patent Family and Legal Status.

Intellogist wiki page - The Intellectual Property Library is a free international database of over 10 million patent and patent-related publications.

Intellogist wiki page IFI CLAIMS Global Patent Database - A comprehensive global patent database available through the CLAIMS Direct Web Service.

The database combines information from multiple national and international sources into a single normalized proprietary ST.36-based XML format.Pat Seer - An online patent database with global patent coverage that includes 17 full text collections, 100 bibliographic collections, machine translations, PDFs, drawings, simple/extended families with legal status, corporate tree, semantic search tools and more.Pat Seer’s unique capabilities include Multi-dimensional (X vs.Elaborate statistics and insert your legal opinion directly online with the help of the wizard.Equerion - Equerion offers back-files, monthly updates or the development of new patent/trademark databases of official IP data from any Latin American countries plus several other regions.PROPIS - subscription database from P & TS of Switzerland, offering both patents and non-patent technical and scientific literature.