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The Freeze makes it tough to get out and have fun in the city with others, especially if you are a new resident, because many Seattleites have solid friend groups that were created in childhood.In my personal experience, one way that I am getting around this Freeze is by joining Meetup groups.It’s called the Seattle Anti-Freeze, and their Meetups range from singles mixers to casual dinners.

I recommend trying each Meetup that interests you at least once.Some will seem awesome and then disappoint, and others will be unexpectedly fantastic.It really depends on who shows up, so get off the couch and get your awesome selves out there!Them, it also ends up being a great personal always coming up with ways to disrupt our lives.Or, have you lived here for a while but want to expand your friend group and try new things?

I am sure that some of you may have heard of the Seattle “Freeze.” I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather, or the lack of vitamin D, but it is a very real phenomenon for many.

When you get e-mails from this group, you can not only see what event is going to happen, but you can spread the word and recruit even more volunteers to join you!

Lastly, and not surprisingly, there is even a group for fighting the Seattle Freeze!

Suddenly my extra income was burning a hole in my pocket and I was torn between upgrading my cable package to include HBO or join a gym.

The answer came to me suddenly after I caught a glimpse of myself in a fitting room mirror with powdered sugar on my upper lip and a grease stain on the front of my shirt.

For native Seattleites, Meetups are a great way to meet new friends and get out of the house, and for newbies to the city, Meetups can serve as a way to participate in social activities and create a friend group.