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As part of the investigation, the Investigator(s) will seek separate interviews with the complainant, the accused and any witnesses to the greatest extent possible.

Unless the Policy Coordinator deems it necessary to question the report and determination or unless the recommendation determines a hearing is necessary, the Investigation Team’s report will stand as the Resolution.3. The standard used to determine whether this policy has been violated is whether it is more likely than not that the accused violated this policy.

This is often referred to as a "Preponderance of Evidence" standard.4.

Faculty and staff are required to report any suspected violations of this policy.

Although there is no specific time limit for reporting a suspected violation of this policy, an employee or student who believes that he or she has been subjected to conduct that violates this policy is encouraged to contact the Deputy Coordinator as soon as possible after the alleged act to discuss the available options for proceeding.

Stats., which states, in part: "Any person who knows that a crime is being committed and that a victim is exposed to bodily harm shall summon law enforcement officers or other assistance or shall provide assistance to the victim." The victim of sexual assault also may choose to file a criminal complaint against the alleged perpetrator.

Any pending criminal investigation or criminal proceeding may have some impact on the timing of the College’s investigation, but the College will commence its own investigation as soon as is practicable under the circumstances.The investigation phase will be completed within sixty (60) days of the filing of a complaint or the date on which the College becomes aware of a suspected violation of this policy.Audio or video recording of any proceedings are prohibited by any party other than the college throughout this process.The College holds to the unchanging truth of the Bible that sexual intercourse is reserved for the marriage of one man and one woman as his gift and for the sake of families.REPORTING – A student, faculty member or staff member who has a complaint against a student, faculty, staff member or other individual involving a suspected violation of this policy or of retaliation should contact the Deputy Coordinator.BODILY HARM – If the Deputy Coordinator receives a report of harassment or assault involving bodily harm, the Deputy Coordinator will contact the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the College.