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In her will her share of the lordships of Staley and Ashton were left to the Booths.The manor of Staley remained in the possession of the Booth family until the death of George Booth, 2nd Earl of Warrington on 2 August 1758.

After the construction of a bridge in 1707, the settlement was commonly referred to as Stalybridge, meaning the bridge at Stayley.By the mid-18th century Stalybridge had a population of just 140.Margaret, the eldest of their two daughters, married Sir William Booth of Dunham Massey The younger daughter, Elizabeth, was widowed without children.She continued to live at Staley Hall until her death in 1553.Upon his death, the Earldom of Warrington became extinct.

His only daughter, Lady Mary Booth, the wife of Henry Grey, 4th Earl of Stamford, inherited all the Booth estates.The Huddersfield Narrow Canal was completed in 1811 and still runs through the town.The rapid growth of industry in Stalybridge was due to the introduction of machinery. After the arrival of the Luddites in the area the doors of mills were kept locked day and night.In 1789 the town's first spinning mill using the principle of Arkwright's Water Frame was built.By 1793 steam power had been introduced to the Stalybridge cotton industry; by 1803 there were eight cotton mills in the growing town containing 76,000 spindles.Also bearing testament to the presence of man in prehistory are the Stalybridge cairns.