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Definitely head south to Quepos, Manuel Antonio.....the state park. If you need any other advice I'll keep an eye out for you on this topic. The place had security to move them away it was bothersome.

There is also a great tour company that offers ziplining and also try out the white water rafting in that region!! I would highly recommend white water rafting , riding ATVs in the rainforest or deep sea fishing! Costa Rica is very safe, especially in San Jose - each shop has a Security Guard, & houses are gated - this is to rpevent crime, so there's is usually none their, except for pickpockets on concentrated area You'll like Quepos thougj!

It is a parasite that is transmitted by a bug, often called the kissing bug. Very close to the most beautiful park in CR, Manuel Antonio. Would also recommend staying at Wide Mouth Frog in Quepos. Would have to agree about Jaco as it is getting kind of seedy. The cost for a Taxi, I'm afraid would be outrageous for a 3 hr trip?

As you sleep itbites and sucks blood, often near the mouth, hence the name, transmitting the parasite, which is a really nasty one. Lovely hostel with a really nice pool, free breakfast and internet access. Fo9r the nicest beach in CR I would recommend Playa Samara. Once we get to Manual Antonio, we won't need a car, so just need to get to & from airport? outdoorgirlas a guy it sounds rather tempting (apart from the flight and the inevitable wildlife/ food)i have met people who have been there - apparently they speak spanish, which i know a bit of.again there is always Cuba!

On some of the other CR posts I have given a lot more info. If you want to take a bus from San Jose you can use two types of buses Gray Line is the best and will only charge US to Jaco (2 to 3 hours) and to Manuel Antonio US (3.5 to 4 hours).

KFJaco is only great if you surf...a few good restaurants, but nothing else too impressive. Their web site is: you can call them at 800-719-3905 You can also fly around Costa Rica using or I don't remember which one is next to the international airport you will be flying into, but when you exit the plane make a left and walk less the a min and you'll see it on your left. But if you stay in bright and busy places you will be ok. While I was eating dinner I had beggers stick their hands through the window while I was eating!

During the four days I was there I did have one guy try to sell me drugs outside the club but the travel guides my girlfriends and I went out with shoo'd him away.

I wasn't in San Jose long enough to get a good read. Its really just a small town on the ocean with one main drag and all streets branch from the main street.

Drink bottled water and eat only at the better hotels and restaurants. We fly into to San Jose and have about 3 hrs to Manuel Antonio.

Theres a lot of nasty diseases and parasites you can get, including Chagras disease. Two great pools, a nice bar and trattoria with really good Italian and a free breakfast as well. Does anyone know how to get around over there, buses or do we need a taxi.

I would stay away from Jaco, theres a lot of whores and petty criminals, especially at night.

Like anywhere south of the border, you have to take basic precautions.

I want to go to a few places in the Southern part of the country before heading north ( Jaco, Quepos, San Jose Etc) I have 4 nights to kill Anyone have any ideas?