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Applicants may have to work with someone in a team, or even asked to do some writing, in which you have to come up with a response to something.

You are not expected to be an expert, but to show your ability to respond with creativity and engagement.Their hope is to build a strong pool of future doctors who are not only able to apply the science, problem solving, and technical skills of medicine but also able to communicate well with, and be in relationship to, patients and colleagues.The multiple mini interview (MMI) is a newer style of interview that began at Mc Master University in Canada, and is becoming more popular among medical, DO, dental, veterinary, and pharmacy schools.The goal of the MMI interview is to place applicants in scenarios that can demonstrate a candidate's social and communication skills, how they handle unknown situations, how they respond to ethical questions, and to give Med Schools a more holistic "view" of a candidate in action.This process happens trillions of times in an average person's lifetime.

To generate two identical copies, cells must separate their chromosomes precisely, an event that relies on the bi-oriented attachment of chromosomes to spindle microtubules through specialized structures called [email protected] Researchers' Discovery of Cell Division "Master Controller" May Improve Understanding and Treatment of Cancer Hanover, NH—In a study to be published in the journal Nature, two Dartmouth researchers have found that the protein cyclin A plays an important but previously unknown role in the cell division process, acting as a master controller to ensure the faithful segregation of chromosomes during cell division.Cell division is the process in which cells reproduce by splitting into two identical copies.The old view of this process held that chromosomes and microtubules pair up individually to find the correct attachment, like conventional dating.However, our results show that the system is more like speed dating.In the early phases of division, there are numerous errors in how kinetochores bind to spindle microtubules.