Spleen meridian sedating points

Generally, this collection of points has a long history of clinical use based both on theoretical foundations and experience. Basically a point combination, or point cluster (which is a different thing) (2), is supposed to have a very specific energetic impact on the body, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the whole treatment of which it is a part.

In order to illustrate this idea more clearly, here are a few examples: A.

theoretical foundations within the framework of Chinese medical philosophy and other aspects such as: Analysis of each point in regard to its place in the prescription.

There are combinations based on more complex principles, which are capable of multi system overall effects.Such a combination is Liehchueh (L 7) and Zhaohai (K 6).Technical data of importance in utilizing POINT COMBINATIONs like: 1. In addition, we shall examine a few major methods of formula composition existent in Chinese medicine for ages. Formula building in acupuncture therapy utilizing POINT COMBINATIONs. Survey of popular and effective point combinations .Needle manipulation of various points in the combination (i.e.strengthening, reducing, dispersing, heating, etc.). These methods are very important to our thesis as they form the theoretical basis from which many of the point-combinations have evolved. - In this chapter, we discuss the difference between treatment formulae and point combinations .This brings us back to the "laws" of acupuncture and to its very core the theories of Yin Yang, Five elements, Tsang Fu etc.

Only by a thorough understanding of these principles can one understand or even memorize the manifold point-combinations and then apply them correctly. The Shu Mu Law (8) This technique of point combination is based on two specific point groupings, one on the front of the body and one on the back, i.e., the Associated and Alarm points.

When possible, comparison of each point in the formula with a specific herb used for the same energetic action.

Relevant and real case histories demonstrating the efficacy of a specific point combination. Other techniques of stimulation like: moxibustion, pressure, cupping, lectro-acupuncture and more.

These two form the Master and Coupled points of an extra meridian the Jen Mai.

As such, they have a vast influence over the organs and functions in the domain of this vessel.

This may include the breathing, digestive and sexual-urinary systems; it may also include fluid metabolism in general, as well as hormonal imbalances affecting the uterus (3).