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The philosophy was that the master was responsible for his adolescent charge in all things, from military skills to etiquette and honor. There is no moral opposition to homosexuality in Shinto, the native religion of Japan.Even in Buddhist temples, where sex was forbidden, it was sometimes loosely interpreted to mean sex between a man and a woman, therefore sex between two men was permissible.

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In fact, there is little discussion of LGBT issues at all. There is still no religious basis for discrimination, but gay people struggle to face Japan's strict family and gender roles.

Though crime is low, LGBT have been harassed or even attacked because of their identities.

Since 2008, transgender people may legally change their gender if they have had sex reassignment surgery.

Gay rights, including marriage, receive very little political discussion.

In others, we dare not speak a word of it for fear of hatred, violence, and even prison terms and execution.

The situation in America is tottering at the more positive end - every year, more people come out in support of love, and more laws pass in our favor.Gay characters do on rare occasion exist in movies and television dramas, but it is rarer still to find a portrayal that is not stereotypical and comedic.Gay and lesbian comic books and magazines do exist and have existed for some time, but the atmosphere of Japan still isn't open enough for many people to feel comfortable being open with their sexual orientation.I theater, young actors, especially actors who played female roles (similar to Greece, troupes were typically all-male), were often the objects of desire by wealthy patrons.Male homosexual acts are littered throughout Japanese artwork and literature - even the famous , written a thousand years ago, has an instance where the male protagonist, Prince Genji, abandons courting an uninterested woman and instead sleeps with her younger brother.Consenting adults are free to have sex, but there are no civil unions or gay marriages.