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Kang is one of a popular actor of America who has received lots of success in his life; he is the richest actor in America whose net worth is 8$ million USD.

Kang is a handsome actor of USA; he is cool and smart. He is so good looking so who could be his girlfriend or wife could be lucky to find him.

From Philippines ❤ PS you're so beautiful waaaaaaaaaaaaaah??????

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He did a recurring character in the role of Han in fast and furious film series appearing in the Fast and Furious, Fast Five and Fast and Furious 6.

He has done a role in many series and acted very well.

I think perhaps i have a girlcrush on her because I can't take my eyes off her face. She is one of those rare actresses that when she cries she looks pretty, her crying broke my heart. I think now I will watch her in Cheese in the Trap. Her acting is super good she should be casted in a lot of dramas tbh. I mean, this unnie is a lot more better than some actress who got more acting in dramas and movies who are less good. Her rapport with Lee Kwang Soo's character on That's Okay It's Love is hilarious.

I really liked her in Its Okay Thats Love with Lee Kwang Soo. Hated her in IOTL but am loving her antics in Cheese. She's on the right track if she's playing the field with Korea treasured young funnyman.

He is the best actor known for his film in Better Luck Tomorrow, and many other movies like fast and furious where he did the role as Han Seoul-Oh.

He has received lots of success in his life through his hard work and his performance. He has played in many movies and series with all success.

I thought that Lee Sung-Kyung was just an other pretty face... She is marvelous in weightlifting fairy kim bok joo. I am so impressed with her acting ability and the depth she brings her character. With that chemistry in WFKBJ, I feel like you two are dating in real life. since it is way more evident in Oh My Venus that lots of work went into making stick skinny Shin Min Ah chunky) is surprising and wonderful...

she amazes me on how she is able to portray all the characters given to her. Your height, eyes and everything is so damn perfect I hope you and NJH end up together. From the skinny model of those trendy 2-tone yellow/red stripe lipsticks (she did a product placement using the most loud/contrasting two-tone one of them in Doctors) to this pudgy girl perfectly showing the whole double-triple chins and sweat and big thighs (obviously lots of padding/fake spongy "fat" carefully put on her delicately enough to be just-big-enough in the face, not Oh My Venus level though that was also really incredible! I can't say I liked HER before Weightlifting Fairy given her b***h characters, but to take on this role that is SO unusual (esp.

He has a role in Jet Li Film War playing an FBI agent and in movie Forbidden Warrior.

He has also played in many movies; he has done lots of movies.

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