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Malcolm made the merged tribe Dangrayne and the then-dominant Tandang alliance led by Pete Yurkowski and Abi-Maria Gomes decided to target the returning players Michael Skupin and Jonathan Penner, as well as R. Saint-Amour, who appeared to be Michael's biggest ally.Malcolm didn't appear to be in any immediate danger despite being a physical threat except for when Lisa Whelchel accidentally discovered Malcolm's Hidden Immunity Idol when she was doing laundry, forcing them to align with each other.

Before the Reward Challenge, Malcolm and Denise thought there was a chance of a tribe absorption so they looked for the idol and Malcolm found it first so even though they were in an alliance, it became Malcolm's idol.

At the Reward Challenge, Malcolm was separated from Denise and he was absorbed into the Tandang tribe.

Malcolm contributed to the Reward Challenge win and received a warm reception from his new tribe.

For the next few days, Malcolm enjoyed being on a strong tribe where he made zero enemies and he helped them dominate in challenges, seeing Kalabaw's numbers shrink from seven to four, with Matsing ally Denise managing to stay strong.

In "Little Miss Perfect", Malcolm's alliance targeted Artis for being the least likely recipient of Abi's Hidden Immunity Idol (revealed on Day 22 along with Malcolm's) and they fortunately convinced Michael to flip to their side and Artis was blindsided.

In "Whiners Are Wieners", Lisa decided to abandon the doomed Tandang alliance giving Malcolm's alliance enough numbers to split the votes between Abi and Pete as they flushed Abi's idol and eliminated Pete.The four stuck together and got rid of the perceived biggest threat Penner.Abi was spared once again after Carter was voted off since he was a physical threat, and then Abi was finally voted off after pretending to have an Immunity Idol.After voting out his ally Angie, Denise and Malcolm worked together and ably pitted the remnants of the former Kalabaw and Tandang tribes against one another.This stratagem, along with Malcolm's challenge prowess and easy charm, helped him navigate all the way to the final four alongside Denise. 3 Words to Describe You: Charming, brilliant and cocky.Malcolm voted for Jonathan, although Penner cancelled his votes with his Hidden Immunity Idol, which eliminated RC instead.