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He would make laugh with his friends while she walked by like, “Look there goes Manasi the nun” or trying to get the sympathies of her friends in front of her, “I don’t think she actually likes me.” Other times, he would make suggestive comments to her if they were walking alone to class, making her feel guilty for her answer. That must be a nice thing, Manasi convinced herself.

Manasi was confused and turned to her best friend for advice. Then Zara added, “I think he might even tell you he loves you on Valentine’s day!

They all wished they had boyfriends who cared so much. Around Valentine’s Day, Aadit and Manasi were talking on the phone when he brought up a subject that she never expected. I was thinking maybe we can tell our parents we will be at a party with friends but we can go somewhere, just the two of us.

On top of the fact that he apologized before she even said why she was mad at him. He became very jealous when she would have group meetings with other male students.He would always stare at her with piercing eyes if he saw her talking to another boy in AP Biology class.Teen dating violence is a pattern of destructive behaviors one partner uses to exert power and control over a dating partner among adolescents.Like adult domestic violence, dating violence occurs in all groups regardless of socioeconomic status, sex, race, age, religion, gender, educational background and sexual orientation.South Asian parents who express such strong sentiments such as Sarita did about not dating, close the door on any conversation to be had about the experiences that their teenager is having.

It prevents the child from talking to their parents about personal things such as dating and sex no matter how close the parent-child relationship is.Asian Women’s Home is the anti-domestic violence and human trafficking program of Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI). The stress of managing the relationship with Aadit had started taking a toll on Manasi and she had become more short tempered with her family.He really did care and did so many nice things for her.She tried to ignore her gut which was telling her that something was wrong about him.In her mind, her mother was the strongest, most insightful, most logical person she knew. If she found out Manasi was dating, she would kill her and never speak to her again.