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A key component to providing a satisfactory level of protection is to understand crime trends that occur within school districts and campuses.

The Texas School Safety Center (Tx SSC) understands the need to provide this level of information.

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For example, the above descriptions of gang activity appear to have conflicting conclusions.

These contrasts are most likely due to differences in definition and scope of study.

“It is critical for school districts to implement and enforce specific policies that target dating abuse among teens.” In a report entitled “Texas School Districts’ Implementation of Teen Dating Violence Legislation,” Bouffard, Kathleen Fox of Arizona State University and SHSU graduate student Robin Jackson surveyed the 72 largest school districts within the 20 Education Service Centers across Texas.

Some of the major findings of the research included: The report suggests that districts develop a distinct set of consequences for dating violence that reduces the discretion of school officials and incorporate into the policy safety provisions specifically for dating violence victims that address the physical and verbal elements of the crime. The full study of the issue is expected to be published in an upcoming issue of .

“Though most of the districts have a definition and set of consequences, the wide range of disciplinary techniques may unintentionally benefit the offending student and may send a message that this type of behavior is uncommon or unimportant.” Dating abuse is a problem that affects every community across the country.

Every year, nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical violence from a dating partner, and one in three girls in the U. are victims of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner.

(Read more…) Information about juvenile gangs is available in different forms from various agencies.

However, these forms are sometimes incompatible making sharing and comparing reports difficult.

Districts also should implement programs to raise awareness about the issue, such as the Safe Dates program that has been credited with reducing violence rates over time. - END - This page maintained by SHSU's Communications Office Associate Director: Julia May Manager: Jennifer Gauntt Located in the 115 Administration Building Telephone: 936.294.1836; Fax: 936.294.1834 Please send comments, corrections, news tips to [email protected]

The Texas Council on Family Violence also provides a variety of resources and a model policy to address teen dating violence.

At the state level, 7.1 percent of students in Texas in 2013 reported that they were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property, while 7.7 percent said that they felt unsafe and skipped school at least once during the thirty days before the survey.