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Among those features are settings to ensure Blu-ray compliance.Even if you can afford tens of thousands of dollars for video encoding software, x264 will produce results comparable or superior to the most expensive H.264 encoders for most footage.

You can easily return to a previous section for review or skip over any future section.It is recommended that you read the entire series at least the first time through.The bare minimum software required for this lesson is Me GUI and Avi Synth.Depending on your source files, additional software may be required for decoding your video.You can find contact information (Open in new window), as well as a general overview of h.264 licensing (Open in new window) on their webpage.

Creating assets for Blu-ray authoring is relatively easy, but not necessarily simple.With all the video tools available today, encoding H.264 video is relatively simple even if you known next to nothing about the format.However, encoding to meet the strict requirements imposed by Blu-ray standards requires a little more thought.In the second lesson you will learn to use Me GUI's AVS Script Creator tool to provide instructions for loading your source video and performing any required processing.This may include resizing video to the desired resolution and either deinterlacing or bobbing interlaced video to make it progressive.While the x264 encoder is free, distributing Blu-rays with x264 encoded video may require licensing by MPEG-LA, who handle the H.264 patent pool.