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That approach does not work due to the need for timely updates in the face of a security vulnerability.Those updates need to happen asap, not on a pre-determined schedule.

Many people offer maintenance plans to help you stay up to date.The problem with some of these plans is that they offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates.Hackers can immediately write bots to automatically crawl the web and exploit these vulnerabilities.Outdated themes, plugins, and Word Press version are the number one way hackers gain access to your site (besides brute force hacks of your login).Backup, read the documentation, and upgrade with caution and spare time on your hands. May contain features that effect the way the plugin works on the site.

2.1.1 – This is a patch and is safe to update without reading the changelog, though it might be helpful to find out what was fixed.

Even deactivated themes and plugins can leave your system vulnerable.

Following are best practices for keeping your site up to date.

Download this zip file, and import it into Desktop Server.

Badabing badaboom, you have a local version of the site and can break it at will.

Hi Each time I become aware of an update to my Plug-ins I seem to have to contact Harold to obtain a link to a download.