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The prevented planting factor varies by crop, based on an estimate of pre-planting costs.

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These changes are part of an effort to ensure that prevented planting coverage factors most accurately reflect the pre-planting input costs of producers.Over time, prevented planting coverage factors may go up and may go down depending upon input costs.Locate the appropriate firmware by clicking this link2. Agree to the license terms and conditions when prompted.4.Locate the downloaded firmware file (this typically will be in the default download folder, unless prompted for a download location, then choose Desktop) and extract it by right-clicking on the file and selecting extract all or unzip.When adverse weather prevents planting, a prevented planting payment is made to compensate for the producer’s pre-planting costs generally incurred in preparation for planting the crop.

The amount of prevented planting coverage is calculated as a percent of the insurance guarantee the insured would have had for a timely planted crop.

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These costs can include purchase of machinery, land rent, fertilizer, actions taken to ready the field, pesticide, labor, and repairs.

The prevented planting factor is a percentage of the individual insurance guarantee and varies by crop, based on an estimate of pre-planting costs. A: Effective for the spring of 2017, RMA is revising the crop provisions to simplify the process for updating prevented planting coverage factors.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Office of Inspector General issued a report in 2013 that recommended that RMA review prevented planting coverage factors and make changes if necessary.