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Supreme Commander v1.1.3254: Shields now protect against UEF and Cybran strategic bombers.Disconnection dialog now updates properly, and quiet times will not get stuck at five seconds.We’re hoping it’ll be exactly like Sup Com Talk in its prime (seeing as how much fun we had writing this blog), only […] Forged Alliance came out recently and we have a great new crop of writers working on Sup Com Talk. That’s right, Supreme Commander has seen a bit of a resurgence with the release of its expansion, but shocking as it may be, many of the latest generation of […] I have been playing Forged Alliance for a few weeks now, mostly against the comp, since I only play for a bit at a time (I can save in single player. Well, it turns out there are other things in store for it.

the second game refers to them as Aeon or Illuminite, depending on who is speaking. Gaspowered games is a thing of the past, and I want to patch my original release Supreme Commander...wersja: v.1.0.3189 - v.1.1.3280 Poprawka systemowa przeznaczona do gry Supreme Commander. Supreme Commander v1.1.3280 The v1.1.3280 patch for Supreme Commander will install a small series of display updates and add compatibility for am BX support.Supreme Commander v1.1.3269 This v3269 patch rebalances the infamous Mercy unit and adds three new units as well: the Mongoose, a Tier 2 UEF Assault Bot, the Hoplite, a Tier 2 Cybran Assault Bot and the Absolver, a Tier 3 Aeon Shield Disruptor Tank. UEF T2 Bomber Aeon Guided Missile Cybran T2 Bomber Bug fixes and other changes: Fixed an issue with Ferry Beacon guarding Visual tweaks to UEF shield effect Horde AI will now utilize T3 land units Performance improved when showing waypoint lines Fixed crash bug associated with air units refueling/repairing on air staging platforms Air superiority has been retuned across all three factions.The Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation is made up of 23 resistance groups.

The coalition is led by a Sufi Muslim group – "The Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order." Ad-Douri is said to have ascribed to Sufism, a mystical form of Islam, in his later years.

I just cleaned this site’s blogroll and the results were not encouraging.

Both Sup Com Live and Sup Com Universe are now gone (no sense in linking because I mean gone). At least Game Replays is still around, and it has a very active Supreme Commander 2 section.

Supreme Council of Jihad and Liberation or SCJL or Ba'athist Loyalists) is an Iraqi front comprising some 23 militia groups formed in October 2007 and led by former Iraqi vice president and deputy chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri.

The name is also often used to refer to the largest militia in the front, the Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order (also known by its Arabic initials JRTN), which is commanded by Douri himself.

Die Entwickler von Gas Powered Games waren in den vergangenen Wochen nicht untätig und haben jetzt einen neuen Patch für das Strategiespiel Supreme Commander veröffentlicht.