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A video card is a piece of computer hardware that's rectangular in shape with numerous contacts on the bottom of the card and one or more ports on the side for connection to video displays and other devices.

The video card installs in an expansion slot on the motherboard.

My favorite program that can do this is Driver Booster, but you can find several others in my list of Free Driver Updater Tools.

This option is wise for the average business and home user not interested in advanced graphics capabilities or the latest games.

Most motherboards with on-board video allow BIOS to disable the chip in order to make use of a video card installed to an expansion slot (see how to get to BIOS here).

While most video cards are of the PCIe format, video cards come in other formats as well, including PCI and AGP.

These additional formats are older standards and don't communicate with the CPU and other components as quickly as PCIe.

Laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, all have video cards, albeit smaller and most often non-replaceable.

Each motherboard supports only a limited range of video card formats so be sure to always check with your motherboard manufacturer before making a purchase.

You can find the video card listed under the section.

Another way to see what graphics card you have is through a free system information tool like Speccy, which identifies the manufacturer, model, BIOS version, device ID, bus interface, temperature, amount of memory, and other video card details.

Download Drivers Directly from the Hardware Manufacturer Individual Windows XP drivers can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to locate the correct driver your specific hardware device and often it's hard to know the exact model number of your device.

It's extremely important that you find out exactly what the model number is so you don't install the wrong driver which can cause hardware problems.

Once you know the exact model number for your hardware device you can search the Windows XP website to find the correct driver.