Updating webmin biosmode wait updating f w

This way you have a more full understanding of what's going on if something should go wrong.

updating webmin-41

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Manually downloading and installing the module update worked OK This is odd, since now also the module install from "Standard module from gives the "HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden error" Maybe the install or update for modules is not using the proxy settings or the firewall settings? ________________________________ From: Jamie Cameron Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 PM Subject: Re: [webmin-l] Error when updating Webmin module STATUS Can you download the module file manually from ?

Just make sure that you enable all the options you need via the switches when you do your configure.

Now that Webmin comes with a build in Spam Assassin module, I've stopped developping this module.

would you recomend it or not to upgrade php on a dedicated server via the latest version of webmin ?

After all, if your black box breaks, you're not going to really know where to start.But why get the Software Center at all, if the goal is to install updates via the command line?(None of the subsequent commands you recommend require the Software Center, nor do any of them use it or benefit from it if it's installed.) Note also that it seems unlikely this will keep the "packages can be updated" message from appearing.Most server side languages have this functionality built into them but Javascript has escape, encode URIComponent, encode URI, unescape, decode URIComponent and decode URI functions which are aimed at making strings portable and for encoding URIs and URI parameters but there is no function for HTML encoding.Now you may think well there's not much demand for a Javascript HTMLEncode and HTMLDecode function as any textual content that needs encoding should be done server-side before the HTML page is rendered and I would have agreed with you not long ago.This post is also available in the following langugages.