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The people are often willing to overlook police abuses and even forego civil liberties in the name of patriotism.

All their demands pretty much involve government action.The finger is pointed at both Wall Street and Washington.Picketing wall Street does nothing, the shareholders are putting the pressure on the bozo's on wall street, find out who the major shareholders are and picket them.If you read the list of demands I posted on the previous page, you'll see the much of this protest is about government and Wall Street's influence over it.The "rules" that Wall Street followed were the ones they had spent decades lobbying for.

There's a lot of money of Wall Street; money has a way of making sure that the legislation you want passed, gets passed. Just look at the push back from the relatively small improvements Obama tried to bring in.

Who has stolen more from the American public in the last 50 years, since Johnson's Great Society, Wall Street or Government? Government has taken trillions from millions and given it to millions. Worse, Wall Street can be legislated to, for and against. The mopes on the street will trust a GS-14 with their lives not understanding that they are, indeed, useful idiots in the consolidation of central power to the state.

The police state that has generated over the years is the result of both parties bowing to the wishes of drum bangers over the years wanting security for freedom. Moonbean Brown has okayed warantless cellphone searches.

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As much as Im not a fan of Wall Street, I dont blame them entirely either, they are following the rules laid out by the idiots in Congress, The feds are a creature of Congress , special interests groups in bed with whom?? put pressure on them change wont happen unless one person tells one other person and tells another person and so and so on and so on.

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