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His plan to capture Melissa's heart once and for all by befriending her younger sister, Mary, is complicated by the fact that a viral video of Mary is the talk of the school.

Kim K and Ray J made the sex tapes while vacationing at a 5 star hotel, having sex for like 3 days solid while filming...We normally do not like to dabble in politics, however we can not skip on this latest breaking political news.I just pure and simply gave up on it and tossed the towel into the ring.I am rating "Loserville" two out of three stars, solely on the fact that the production value of the movie and the editing was adequate.And it causes some very unnatural moments to occur throughout what I witnessed.

With 30 minutes wasted, I can honestly say that "Loserville" will not see me returning to it in order to finish the rest of the ordeal that is this movie.

The videos with a run time of 22min features Nicki Minaj errr someone that looks a hell of a lot like her with some older...

The Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot is most famous for her roles in Fast and the Furious, and Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman.

Rising model Emily Sears has become the latest victim to leaked nudes and celebrity sex tape videos.

Emily has become famous in the modeling arena very fast with her use of social media, and posting pictures of herself that makes every man and woman drool.

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