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Most were taken by other users who haven’t logged on in over 4 years, and most other ideas I’d had were too wordy. what do I want people to get out of when they read my blog? BRIAN PUSPOS He is an incredible talent, who has reached millions of fans around the world, started his career in Houston as a member of the Soreal Cru. But anyway, long story short, Aja wrote this beautiful, yet tragic, eloquently written blog post about her gained wisdom from the traumatic experience. To sum it up, Aja speaks about how she’s always seen the women in her life as her allies and not competitors. In this segment, Aja tries to explain that she doesn’t want anything negative to come out of her situation and her words.

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But since writing is a passion of mine, I wanted to get a fresh start. Here, I’d like to have more serious and meaningful content, ideas, thoughts, etc.

As I was thinking of my blog title, I thought of many different possibilities.

He credits Drake as his number-one source of inspiration, and although rarely seen smiling in his Instagram photos, he’s quite happy dancing around the world.

v=p UBh J2STTu8 Millions of people participate in The Shortys to recognize individuals and organizations producing great content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, You Tube, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine and the rest of the social web.Coz people might think he's only looking for some public/media attentions..Personally I think this is just a misunderstanding on both parts. I used to look up to a famous dancer who goes by the name of Brian Puspos. She then ventures into the subject of how that view she’s had for so long has now been disrupted by the fact that a certain Jane Doe had become a homewrecker in her former relationship. ) message that she sent the other woman, that included points such as; Aja treated the subject in such a respectful manner, that it sure does make hating Brian’s guts a whole lot easier. She hopes to emit positivity from her post, and above all, inspire hope in women from all different situations.He had recently been dating Maxim model/lifestyle blog writer/amazing young woman Aja Dang. But then comes the entire point Aja is trying to make. She so courageously states, “ Aja’s struggle is a tough one, one that I would wish upon nobody.If you remember, this isn't the first time that Team B, now known as i KON, and their agency YG Entertainment have been criticized for the use of choreography without permission. If it's true, don't put a blame on the contestant of the show a.k.a i KON.