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Saint Laurent are known for their super cool, tough signature aesthetic, but fashion this neat does come at a price.

She said the atmosphere changed after a disagreement about the service and a row started.

Miss Berki told police she was pushed by Mr Brand and was left terrified after Miss Khan’s white Alsatian dog jumped at her.

Appearing on the Jonathan Ross show Mr Brand said: “I am in a relationship which is unlike anything I have experienced before. I feel that it is grounded in friendship and well cool.

It is very exciting.” He added: “I am going to be really kind in this relationship and try and change myself. I have been meditating and thinking about spiritual stuff.

As a result of that I think I’ve magnetised more positive things towards me.’ Over the years outspoken comedian Russell Brand has honed his quirky rock 'n' roll style, sure there have been a fair few dodgy ensembles along the way, but we reckon he's got the hang of this fashion malarky now.

In one of our favourite looks of his to date, here Russell has teamed a sharp black suit with a statement Saint Laurent monochrome animal print shirt, accessorising the outfit with possibly the cutest dog to have ever existed.Thames Valley Police started an investigation after the 31-year-old, who claimed she had been booked by Miss Khan as a birthday present for Mr Brand, complained that the comedy actor pushed her during an altercation at Kiddington Hall last month.Szilvia Berki, who is from Hungary, and charges up to £500 for a massage, told police she had been left upset and frightened after the incident flared up following a disagreement about the service she was to provide.The complaint was forwarded to the Thames Valley force and an investigation was begun.A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: “We received a report on 16 June from the Metropolitan Police that a woman had reported that she had been assaulted on June 7 at a private address near Woodstock.The driver then took Miss Berki home and Miss Khan later emailed to apologise for any misunderstanding.