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Coolio: [sits back, takes deep breath] Now I’ve seen places.

and smokin.’ Pretending that you’re loc’n, but you’re broken. (After four hours of testimony by Coolio, Congress votes unanimously to regulate reality television) Congressman: You have done the nation an important service, and you are a great American.

Mc Grath also recently finished a four-year run as TV host of the entertainment news show Extra, helping keep score on Nick and Jessica and Brad and Angelina.

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Obviously, there is not this huge demand to make a Sugar Ray record from the public. I started as a fan first, and willed my way into being in a band and figuring out how to write songs. We thought, maybe we should stop and smell the flowers and see what else is out there for us. I wasn't the guy sitting in the garage writing Built to Spill songs. I think the first single, "Boardwalk," sounds like something you might have heard 10 years ago. And a friend of ours goes, "All your fans are cougars." That's fucking brilliant. If you're offended by Music for Cougars on a Sugar Ray record, you've got to take a big look inward.

It was, hey, we still got all our parts together, we still like each other, we're still a band after 21 years, and we haven't been creative in about six. I don't think anybody looks at me as a songwriter musician guy. It was great to scratch that itch of writing again. I'm dumb enough to host these music and awards shows, and some chick at Extra saw it and said, "You kind of suck at hosting, but there's something there." Two weeks later, I'm hosting Extra. A lot of people might be surprised to hear that the Sex Pistols are your favorite band. If you had the balls to go up there, you could do it.

After 16 years of dating ups and downs, Mc Grath, 42, and Kingsland, 37, hoped to start a family after a solid four-year run in their relationship.

But their path to parenthood wasn’t easy, especially as they got older.

I missed the episode because I am still protesting ABC’s decision to bump Happy Endings from the time slot, but why don’t we see how Coolio thinks it all went.

If you remember, the antenna-haired 90s rapper appeared on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap recently, swapping significant others with skunk-haired 90s rocker Mark Mc Grath. The rapper took part in the series with a woman named Mimi, who he claimed to be his longterm partner, and they were rumored to have ended their relationship shortly after taking part in the show with Sugar Ray singer Mark Mc Grath and his wife Carin. She’s a friend of mine.” Let me be clear about something: If this, somehow, someway, leads to Congress stepping in like they did during the Van Doren scandal in the 1950s and putting an end to the whole staged reality show industry, and Coolio — COOLIO — is the whistleblower responsible for it all, I will be so happy I will explode. However, Coolio has now raised doubts about the authenticity of his turn on the show by claiming Mimi wasn’t his girlfriend. It was all set up,” he tells Britain’s Daily Record, “I’m nothing like that (how I was portrayed on the show). There’s no real legal justification for it this time, sure, but I can dream. "That's when they were really giving it away for free," Mc Grath jokes in a typically self-deprecating rasp.Sugar Ray never broke up, and have continued to tour even during the increasingly lean years that followed their '90s boom.Join us Fourth of July weekend in the Warehouse District in downtown Cleveland at the parking lot at West 6th Street and St. Local bands will be playing both days and Saturday night Sugar Ray will take the stage.