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Tommy's impressive film debut was opposite Halle Berry in Strictly Business.

He immediately segued into select high-profile films, starring opposite Jada Pinkett Smith in the romantic comedy, Woo (New Line), and in the provocative urban comedy, Booty Call (Columbia Pictures).

He was also a guest on an episode of Cartoon Network's animated/live action talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

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This led to his first national television appearance, with a starring role in Partners in Crime and was the conduit to Keenen Ivory Wayans, who proved instrumental in Davidson's career by offering him an opportunity to audition and join the uniquely talented cast of the most adventurous prime-time variety show of its day, In Living Color.He, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans made TV history with their originality.He was found abandoned in a thrash at the age of 18 months old. He graduated from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, in Bethesda, Maryland in 1982 and then he studied communications. He after dating his longtime girlfriend, Amanda Moore, got married in June 2015.He did internship at radio station of University of the District of Columbia. He has two children; Jillian Davidson and Isaiah Davidson.He has also appeared in the films Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Strictly Business, Booty Call and Juwanna Mann.

Davidson provided the voice for Oscar Proud, the father in the Disney animated series The Proud Family.

He did internship at radio station of University of the District of Columbia, but was dropped after one semester. Suddenly, in 1987, he heard about stand-up competition.

He participated and won the amateur stand-up competition.

As one of the cutting-edge, young stand-ups, he was spotted by major concert promoters, who booked him as the opening act for A-list touring acts, including Patti La Belle, Kenny G and Luther Vandross.

It wasn't long before he came to Hollywood and was performing stand-up at a number of clubs, including the Comedy Act Theatre, where he met Robert Townsend.

He is receiving critical raves for a cameo in Ahmed Ahmed's award-winning documentary, Just Like Us, a feature film masterpiece which is a cross-cultural study of stand-up comedy bridging all ethnicities.