Who was big papa that kim was dating

In the inbox there are several messages from “Lee” including “Miss U”.

If you have the show on Tivo you can go in slow motion and see it very clearly.

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Perhaps one of the best fights of the whole series began with Big Poppa.During a reunion show Ne Ne Leakes flipped out on Kim and dropped a bit of info about her sugar daddy — the fact that he was married had never been mentioned until Ne Ne directed Kim to She said it about ten times and to this day Bravo likes to flashback to that scene.The aspiring country music singer was lambasted for her vocal skills (she has an independent record deal now) and labeled a "gold digger" for her affair with "Big Poppa."Zolciak later boasted to Paper magazine that she was "working on shooting a cover of Playboy" - a claim that wasn't a reality, a Playboy insider told the Daily News.If he appears on the show, "Big Poppa," will join another new castmate, rumored to be Zolciak's pal Cori Davenport, who sporadically appeared on season one.Thankfully new mom Kim doesn’t have to deal with bailing anyone out!

Since ending her romance with Big Poppa, the 34-year-old television personality has gone on to marry Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann.star’s ex-boyfriend— who was never seen on camera due to the fact that he was married while seeing Kim—has been arrested in Atlanta.While it’s still unknown just what lead to Big Poppa’s arrest, a photo of his mugshot was sent to the media. 6, the man who was formerly Kim’s sugar daddy on Seasons one and two of the hit show, was released from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department yesterday.I guess Kim kept his name quiet because the man is married. The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" just started filming again - and there may be more than one new cast member.Business might be booming but that doesn’t mean that it’s legal or honest.