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A salty seadog, half Captain Ahab, half Captain Pugwash, Robert Shaws shark hunter channels the spirit of Gregory Peck in Moby Dick with an added layer of crusty barnacles.

Shaw made the role his own despite hating the movie and Richard Dreyfuss.

So says Elizabeth Bennet in this glossy literary adaptation, and indeed, it seemed as though Knightley was the perfectly natural choice to play the Austen heroine.

Greatest Moment: The scene in which she loses her rag with Patrick Dempsey gives her an opportunity to show off a bit of range.Also See: Sister James ( Blonde hair cascading over alabaster skin, full lips painted luscious red Basingers high-class tart-with-a-heart is a Veronica Lake-look a like pimped out to rich punters with a fondness for shagging movie stars.Also See: Henry VIII ( I didnt have what I knew he needed...So says Jane about the son she surrenders in Wim Wenders shattered-family fable.Hed walk on to set, recalls his co-star, and turn into this vicious guy who tried to cut you down at the knees.

Greatest Moment: The USS Indianapolis monologue, a speech that Shaw wrote himself.

Basinger deservedly won an Oscar for Lynn, reigniting her spluttering career. Never mind Cool Britannia--Gallic sophistication is where its at.

Just check out the oh-so-sexual Seine strut of Romain Duris conflicted wannabe-pianist/has-to be crook Thomas Seyr.

Also See: Jim Stark ( The shallow ones remember her breasts, very much on display during the pivotal sex scene between her widowed waitress and Billy Bob Thorntons bigoted former death row prison guard who presided over her husbands execution.

After years of slog playing sexy sidekicks, Berry was finally given the chance to prove she could act, delivering a raw, fierce, flinty performance of unbridled honesty.

Theres not a reliable or healthy relationship in the film, noted film critic David Thompson. Also See: Tom Powers ( Playing a typical Disney Princess transported into modern day New York, Adams cranks up the charm to irresistible levels, her innocent naivety never straying into the arena of the irritating.