Windows 2016 updating group policy

Although Microsoft has presumably introduced some Windows Server 2016- and Windows 10-specific group policy settings, the overall group policy structure hasn't changed.What has changed is the way in which the group policy configuration process works.This shall fix the GPO and you should be able to use this GPO again.

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But if you have installed the local administrative tools then accessing the Group Policy Editor is done in a way that is somewhat similar to the method used in Windows Server 2012.Currently, even an installation that includes the local administrative tools is somewhat bare bones.The interface includes a Command Prompt window and Server Manager, but nothing else. Most of the Windows Server 2012 R2 style management tools still exist, but accessing those tools isn't always intuitive.The Server Manager, for example, includes a link to the Local Security Policy, but not to domain-based group policies.Microsoft has not yet documented the conditions in which the group policy module will be available in Windows Server 2016.

When Windows Server 2016 becomes available, most organizations will probably opt to perform remote management of group policies rather than installing the management tools locally.

A better workaround has been proposed at the technet forum thread Patch Tuesday – KB3159398.

The broken GPOs are caused by a missing read permission for authenticated users.

When you do, Windows will present you with a list of snap-ins.

Choose the Group Policy Object Editor from the list of snap-ins and click Add.

The other option is to edit group policies through Power Shell.