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Do this until you get better at talking to new people.Or you can read our article Dating For Puppets: Conversation Starters.

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Sure the title seems a bit silly, but it’s an article filled with practical advice that can get the conversation rolling.

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The whole point of dating is to find a person or persons with whom you can ‘click’ and to meet someone new who might become a friend or even a lover. When asked after many hundreds of failures if he was discouraged that he hadn’t found the right material yet, he replied something to the effect of, “Well no, I now know hundreds of ways how NOT to make a light bulb.” If you don’t click with your date, you can think of that person as just another filament in your quest to find the perfect light bulb and move on.

If your date doesn’t like you, is that the end of he world? If they embarrass you or make fun of you, you’ve obviously discovered a rather dim, malfunctioning light bulb so move on and experiment your next filament type.

A coffee shop, wine festival, library, art show, jewelry or rock show, carnival, and the supermarket are all possibilities. Decide what you want the most out of your date and see if there’s an event that covers it. If you’re bad at conversation go to open an account.

Find events that match your interests so you and the person attending will have something in common right from the start. You can chat with completely random strangers with no risk and if you mess up, you can just disconnect and start again.

” “What if my date makes fun of me or humiliates me?

” Sometimes people get along and sometimes they don’t. Thomas Edison experimented with hundreds of different filament types on his way to discovering a filament type that would glow brightly and last for a while in his electric light bulb.

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These are all questions you’re either asking now, have asked in the past, or will be asking in the future.

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