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'I broke up with my Thai girlfriend two years ago but things are pretty cool, I rarely spend the weekend alone.

I can be watching television at home at 8pm and by 10pm, I can be sitting in the company of a beautiful Thai lady if I get the feeling to head on wout.' Paul expounds on a whole range of dating game plays he deploys so that continually meets new Thai women.

My experience has been the opposite, many Thai women insist on treating me well.I do meet some younger and less well off Thai girls who might sometimes expect me to pay for dinner and I've no problem with that even a taxi home if they've spent the night but I never pay for sex.It seems online dating in Thailand works so well for some and not for others often in a very unpredictable way.One TLL executive believes with the right approach and the right attitude online Thai dating can be made to work successfully for everyone.Many of the young men living in Thailand and some middle aged ones use Thai dating sites to meet Thai women on an ongoing basis.

'Many young and middle aged foreigners on Thai dating sites are not looking for a long term girlfriend or relationship but rather, let's say a more short term one and it must admitted that there are young and even older Thai women in Bangkok and other places in Thailand who seem only too happy to meet foreigners for dinner or a night out, many Thai women have become liberated although it is not something that is socially acceptable I would think,' says Carla Boonkong. He works as a marketing executive in a large multinational corporation based in Bangkok.In the last decade it has become more common for younger western men to live and work in Thailand but particularly Bangkok.Some are working for large multinationals or government organisations while others work for Thai companies bringing language and other skills need by Thai companies to develop.' Research from Thailand's leading international dating site, Thai Love Lines, shows up to 10% of eligible Thai women online in Thailand using the international Thai dating site.The dating site also reports members in every country in the world comprising 193 different nationalities.Bill's job is to deal with situations where both Thai women and foreign men find themselves let down or abused by other users online.