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In a Future Top 25 List we will revote the top 25 to include games of such worth. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins Synopsis: Originally released in September 1998, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins is a third/person perspective action/adventure game that was commonly referred to as a assassin/ninja simulator.

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The game featured 10 very challenging levels of gameplay.

Doug Perry's Take: What Tenchu did on the Play Station is bring the most authentic hardcore assassin style game into players hands without compromise.

Let's face it, Play Station is huge and it has earned its spot among the gaming elite, thanks to a variety of factors, including fantastic marketing, plenty of hype, and most of all, games.

And, there have been a whole lot of games for that matter.

Doug Perry's Take: To be honest, with the exception of Tetris, I have never played a puzzle game more addictive than this.

On Play Station there are actually more innovative puzzle games, Devil Dice, to be precise, but it's simply not as seductive over the long haul.

We measured factors such as how the game ranked against others in its genre.

We looked at the game's overall depth and replay value, while also taking into account its innovation and the impact that it made at the time of its release. In some cases, the timelessness of one game gave it an edge over the innovation of another, while in others the impact that a particular game made gave it an edge over the stronger points that another game had over it.

I still go to the arcades to play this one, and on the Play Station this beats out any version of Bust A Move or Tetris to date. Final Fantasy Tactics Synopsis: In January of 1998, Sony Computer Entertainment America unleashed Squaresoft's Final Fantasy Tactics onto the North American market.

While based on the Final Fantasy brand, it was a turn-based strategy game rather than a strict RPG.

You used ninja-style weapons and gadgets, the whole story and setting was based in feudal Japan, and the core concept was to sneak around in the shadows, and the better you were at that, the more rewards you received.